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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1st Brithday

Let's cut the cake! :) ummi yang terover excited~

Small party, but we really enjoyed it!

i'm hungry!! where's my cake?

waiting for the guest to come..

15 April 2010, a small party was held in our garden.. and only few friends were invited because i had an important meeting that day. i only prepared the dishes in the afternoon.. at first, my husband do not want to celebrate Embun's birthday.. but after i had convinced him that celebrating birthday is important for me, then, he decided to make a small party for her...

It was really joyfull that evening.. i cooked 'mee goreng' and my husband helped me to 'goreng keropok'.. we also bought a 'blueberry cheese cake' for Embun.. it was our favourite cake! ( 3 of us!) and we hope the guest were also enjoying the small party..

Embun , we loves you so much!!!! hope you'll be a solehah girl.. :)

love .. love .. love...

ummi nadaa

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